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Unpaid Balances

We do not charge interest for amounts past due and left unpaid by insurance or the patient.  Unpaid patient balances are aged to 120 days.  After this time period accounts with a balance over $50 are turned over to an outside collection agency.  If the account is turned over to such an agency for collection, you agree to pay any fees incurred with the collection agency.

Billing Complaint Procedures

Billing complaints should be made in writing or by telephone to the billing supervisor.  If resolution is unsatisfactory, a review by the practice owner may be requested.

Fees for Paperwork

These fees may be changed without prior notice dependent upon the time and effort it takes to complete each form.  We will not charge fees from certain health plans that prohibit us from charging patients for any of our services. Please visit the portal to access your documents before you call us.

Medical Records $25 ( First 25 pages) 
School/Sports/Camp/Daycare $15
FMLA $50
Immunization Record $5

Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Consent

We may at any time decide to employ Certified Nurse Practitioners in our Practice. These professionals have received advanced education and training in the care of pediatric patients and work under the supervision of a physician.

Prompt Pay Discount  

We provide a prompt payment discount to those patients without commercial insurance who pay for all services at the time of service, thereby avoiding billing and collection costs for the Practice. Our administrative staff sets discounts annually.  Discounts do not apply to any services other than office visits.  Prompt pay discounts are not offered to insured patients where we have contractually agreed to accept a specific fee schedule.

Child Advocacy

As an advocate for our young patients, we will not intervene in any custody dispute or financial responsibility dispute between parents or other responsible parties.  We will send statements to any one address provided, however, we cannot look to more than one party for financial responsibility.

HIPPA (Health Information Patient Privacy Act)

Patients must acknowledge that they have received a copy of the Practice Notice of Privacy Practices and that they understand their rights and responsibilities concerning this notice.  A copy of this notice is posted at our website and in the lobby of our office.

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